Foot Soaks


As many as 80 minerals and trace elements inherent in salts from the Dead and Mediterranean Seas, the Utah Flats, Himalayan, and Marine Algae, along with Epsom salts & baking soda, will be relaxing, skin softening, detoxifying, and deodorizing. Your feet will feel so much better!

Only the Anti-bacterial version is scented, with stimulating essential oils.

  • Skin Soft (no scent)
  • Anti-bacterial (with Tea Tree & Peppermint)
  • Hot Soak for Cold Feet (with hot mustard powder, no scent)




  • Adding salts to warm water establishes equilibrium between the salts in the water and the salts in the body to help retain moisture.
  • Minerals inherent in salts from the various Seas are required elements for our skin
  • Epsom Salts ease tense and tired muscles.
  • Baking Soda is a deodorizer and skin softener.


  • Salts contain as many as 80 different minerals and trace elements, including magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, chlorides, bromides, etc.
  • Tea Tree oil is anti-fungal & antiseptic; Peppermint oil is cooling & stimulating
  • Hot Mustard Powder is detoxifying and will super-heat (for cold feet!)


  • For best results for your feet, add approximately a handful to a gallon of hot water in a shallow tub or basin. Soak feet for several minutes. Follow with a natural moisturizer, preferably when you can be off your feet for a good, long while. Aaaahhhh!
  • For bath (yes, you can use these in the tub, with the possible exception of the Anti-Bacterial version!) , add approximately 2-3 handfuls for a relaxing total-body treatment.
  • Finely ground enough to be mixed with natural oils for a body scrub, although I tend to recommend using sugar instead for body scrubs.


Skin Soft (no scent), Anti-bacterial (with Tea Tree & Peppermint), or Hot Soak for Cold Feet (with hot mustard powder, no scent)

COLOR: White

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Skin Soft, Anti-bacterial, Hot Soak for Cold Feet


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