A Scent for Everyone

Martha’s Body Bueno offers an extensive line of scents containing no alcohol. These scents can be used alone or in a nearly unlimited number of combinations – which you can tailor to fit your individual desire! Enjoy the scents that make sense for your personal perfume, lotions, bubble baths, shower gels, oils, and other Martha’s Body Bueno products!

(“E”) = Natural Essential Oil


ALMOND – sharp & invigorating; very strong
AMBER – oriental family of rich exotics – this one is lighter than most
AMBERGRIS – strong but soft blend
BLOOD ORANGE – soft orange citrus blend
CEDAR (“E”) – tart, fresh green; from Placitas, NM
CHINA MUSK – soft/musky/floral
CHINA RAIN – floral/musk/wood 
CINNAMON – spicy/sweet
COCONUT – classic
CUCUMBER – crisp & green, refreshing (try blending with others) – great in a bath
EUCALYPTUS (“E”) – sharply stimulating – great to breathe in during a cold or flu
FIG – green/accented with Cassis
FOREST ROSE – blend of soft Sandalwood, light Musk, & Rose
FRANKINCENSE – calming & meditative soft scent
FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH – combined they work beautifully together
GARDENIA – classic / traditionally strong floral
GRAPEFRUIT (“E”) – ruby red citrus mood enhancer with a subtly sweet undercurrent 
HONEYSUCKLE – clarified; right from the vine
HONEY VANILLA – wild & sweet
ILLUSION – baby-powder-soft & ever-so-slightly sweet
ISLAND FEVER – Maui ginger, Zanzibar spice, & Pomegranate blend
JASMINE – exotic & familiar strong floral
LAVENDER (“E”) – botanical floral, relaxing & calming
LEMONGRASS GINGER – grassy citrus, spicy
LEMON VERBENA – bright & cleansing, invigorating
LIGHT MUSK – soft/subtle/clean (too light for scenting most products)
LILAC – classic floral
LOTUS BLOSSOM – distinctive deep floral
MAUI GINGER – warm, spicy, hint of sweet
MUGUET – French white Lilly of the Valley
MYRRH – oriental family of warm, rich, dark & spicy 
NAG CHAMPA – just like the incense!
OPIUM – spicy, woody, sexy;  YSL type
ORANGE (“E”) – wake up energy
ORANGE BLOSSOM – fruity/floral
PATCHOULI (“E”) – earthy, aphrodisiac; useful in blends
PEACHY MANGO – just as you imagine, kinda’ fruity sweet
PEAR – juicy blend with a touch of leafy green florals
PEPPERMINT (“E”) -essential classic with so many uses
PIKAKI – tropical floral with tuberose & fresh green
RAIN – green & clean; musk & woodsy undertones
SANDALWOOD – strong woody classic
INDI SANDALWOOD – much softer version; ultra light
ROSE – classic / traditional
ROSEMARY (“E”) – penetrating, green woody undertones
SAGE – green, fresh, herbaceous
SEA MIST – not quite like being on the beach; light
SWEET EGYPTIAN MUSK – soft, subtle, exotic
VANILLA – spicy sweet, softer than many others
WATER LILLY – fresh, green, soft
WHITE TEA – clean blend with florals & amber
WILD HONEY- so real you can almost taste it
WISTERIA – floral scent of spring
YLANG YLANG – aphrodisiac/Hawaiian floral, exotic