Spa at Home

Take a break and relax with our selection of spa accessories designed especially to bring the luxury of a spa visit into the privacy of your home. From tub accessories to sleep masks, we provide the materials for turning a few free minutes into a time to relax and regenerate.

You CAN have a SPA SANCTUARY at home!

Many of us can’t always afford the luxury of a day at the spa, however much we may need it or deserve it. Step #1 is convincing yourself – Yes, You Deserve It! Next, know you can create it at home…

So often in life, we take for granted our 6 senses – sight, smell, sound, taste, touch, and of course, the ever-elusive, intangible, intuition. Quite possibly, it is that intuitive sense that allows us to trust our other senses. You don’t have to know a lot about a subject, such as how to create a spa, to know what you might like in your own home. And we aren’t talking about just the bathroom – we believe the bedroom is part of your experience. Work with what you know, be a bit creative, borrow from other sources like ours, and before you know it, you’ll be relaxing in your own personal sanctuary whenever you want to feel renewed and refreshed.

Take some time to think about the colors, scents, and sounds that appeal to you – we’ll offer some selections, but there is a nearly infinite wealth of options – do what feels good!


What are your favorite colors? Blues and greens are known for their restful, healing attributes; reds and oranges for energy, warmth, and romance; white is fresh and clean, signifying purity; yellow can boost spirits, and create the illusion of space and light. Color therapy can affect your well-being.

With lighting – soft, targeted, back-lit, or candlelight – you can possibly install whatever you need for the atmosphere you want. It may seem like a small thing, but it is a key to setting the mood. Candlelight is hard to beat for intimacy. Try setting out several inexpensive tea lights on a tray, or a single scented pillar for ambient light. Just remember to consider safety with all lighting choices.

Consider also what your eyes will notice while soaking in the tub, or while relaxing (or otherwise occupied) in your bed. Perhaps a photo of a favorite place or person; a vase of flowers; seashells, or a cherished item – something that gives you pleasure.


Scent has power. Aromatherapy is proven to be effective. That is why you will always find it being used in any professional spa (not to mention numerous other) environments. It is best to use natural plant essences, as they are most beneficial. Enjoy a few drops of an essential oil blend in your bath water; burn a scented candle (vegetable waxes with cotton wicks tend to burn cleaner and longer) or pure incense; use bath products that are scented with synergistic (2 or more individual scents combined to create an effect) blends; try a scent diffuser. You can create your own scent combinations to enhance the mood you want to achieve, such as calming, aphrodisiac, earthy, detoxifying, stimulating… you get the idea. (see Scent List)


Quiet is good. Quiet music is good. The sound of gently falling water is good. The sound of your lover’s voice is (usually) good. Laughter is healing. Groovin’ along with the oldies is fun. Dispense with any sounds that could be considered disruptive. Escape from the typical sounds of daily life. Listen to sounds that make you smile!


Ok, taste is not always one of the senses associated with a spa. However, certain foods and drinks are very sensual indeed. Chocolate comes to mind… Remember that smell is an integral part of taste as well. Many sensual products are flavored to encourage the lips and tongue to wander. (see Adult – Gels & Oils)


Textures – whether soft, smooth, rough, pebbly, cold, hot – are everywhere. Try being conscious of noticing them in your surroundings. The refreshing feel of water against your skin is the obvious part. Hot water helps your muscles to relax; cool water stimulates circulation. While bathing, remember that the hot water we all love can be ultimately drying if you stay in it too long. Be sure to use a good moisturizer after drying with that thick, soft towel. (see Lotions & Moisturizers)

Consider also the comforting warmth of a thick, cozy robe and towels (we recommend organic cotton or hemp), the cool smooth surface of a tiled floor or curved glass jars, the roughness of a loofah or weather-beaten artistic objects, the soft bubbles in the tub, and the soft clean sheets on the bed. Absolutely everything with substance has a texture that can be viewed as complimentary.


Unwind? Re-wind? Focus? Renew? Simplify? Detox? Sexual? Sensual? Ritual? Pampering? Cleansing?

It’s all about how you feel –and how you want to feel. It’s getting in touch with your body, your skin, your psyche, your spirit. A spa environment gives us an opportunity to immerse ourselves in a sacred space, and hopefully emerge back into the world we inhabit with a better sense of ourselves, better able to tap into that intuitive force that keeps us sane.
Take care of yourself… and ENJOY!