I’ve been doing business with Martha for many years and I’ve consistently been delighted with both the quality of her products and the warm, personal customer service! The body oil has been my go-to for very dry sensitive skin…and avocado oil for my face; the products are wonderful and I feel good about using them. Highly recommend!

– Donna Fredericks-Dobbs (MT)

Martha has helped me pamper the women in my life for over thirty years; not just my partner, but my mother and daughters, too.
Since my eldest moved away Marth has helped me create custom gifts to help my daughter care for herself with many of the skin care products Martha creates herself.
Martha’s Body Bueno’s “lotions, potions and sensual notions” shows you care.

– Clifton Chadwick (NM)

Martha’s body oil has been a favorite now for decades. The unscented is just right; whatever natural odor it has is really subtle and unobtrusive. The Very Emollient is also very good!

– Fredric Bolton (NM)

I’ve known Martha and used Body Bueno since the late ‘70’s. She’s expert when it comes to providing quality products and goods. Always has been. Try it and feel the love!

– Susan Barnes-Anderson (FL)

Hello Martha, I finally found you again! …Glad to see you’re still making New Mexico skin beautiful.

– Lunita Paloma on FB messenger

Thank you! The cedar oil worked well in both the shower gel and massage oil. I think the oil you mixed with the three scents smells just right.

– Jodi A. (IL)

“Martha is an expert at making wonderfully fragranced lotions, soaps, oils and more. When you live in NM, you definitely need to keep your skin hydrated. Be kind to yourself and indulge in Martha’s expertise. I love the Jasmine oil!”

– Val Romero (NM)

Wonderful and thank you… I appreciate your quick response and customer service.

– Leona (NM)

Hello, Ms. Martha! I just received my order and I’m thrilled. I love your body oils. Thank you so much for creating such wonderful products! AND…Of course you may use my name.

…you gave me a sample of Unrefined Avocado Oil. You said you had customers who used it for eczema. It is very pleasant to use and while it doesn’t eliminate the need for the nasty toxic ointments, it provides a nice break from that and is very soothing. BUT … I have found another use for it that is most remarkable.

In case you haven’t been watching the national weather, it’s been snowing to beat hell here in Minnesota. Consequently, I’ve been shoveling a lot of snow. I go out with hat, gloves, hoodie, long johns, boots … but I don’t think about protecting my lips. They got so chapped they were like leather and I couldn’t even get a note to come out of my trombone. This happened back in September too, and it was terrible.

I’ve tried all kinds of different lip stuff, but none of them are great. The ones that protect your lips outside (petroleum or bees wax based) don’t promote healing … they just keep you protected so you can heal yourself. I got to thinking about how the avocado oil felt on my hands, and how it’s these kinds of oils that are recommended for treatment of chapped lips.

Anyway … to make a short story long… I tried it and it’s perfect. It restores suppleness, and at the same time seems to encourage the hard dry skin to shed while it keeps the lips from cracking or peeling. SO … #1.  Please tell me how much $$ to send you so you can send me a new bottle.

#2.  When you’re extolling the benefits of Avocado Oil you can add lip care to the list … and you should give a little sample to any brass musicians you know 🙂      Thanks ever so much.

– Don L. (MN)

Congratulations, Martha! You were an inspiration to me even before I met you. Thank you for all that you have done for the community!

– Deanise B. (NM)

Always enjoy getting your package, but Holy Cow – feels like Christmas!!!! Thank you very much!

I immediately tried the sore muscle rub on my shoulders.  Love it!  Wish my wife were not traveling for a few days…If she likes it half as much as I do, it will no doubt be included in our next order.  Please know you did not have to do that.  We love your products.

– Jeff H. & Rebeka H. (NM)

I can’t believe you closed your store! I miss it so when I come to Alb. Can you find my special recipe of my favorite scent and send it to me?

– Carletta G. (NM)

Hello Martha! Oh I am so glad to still be able to get the lotion – there is no replacement! Perhaps I should get two bottles!

– Emily (NM)

What a great “body of work” you’ve given Albuquerque!  Body Bueno was a store with true personality, just like you.  We will miss the store…

– Roxanne (NM)

Order arrived today – all as expected.  We’re glad to have our supply of body oil replenished. Thanks so much.

– Fred (NM)

Thanks for bringing these by – they’re lovely! I can’t wait for the girls to open ’em (I’ve decided to get my 10 year old some bath toys for her bag!)

– Beau (NM)

My wife and I are buying our quarterly supply of body oil from your website…

– Dave W. (NM)

Thanks for the soap. Shaved with it a couple of times now and it gets my face smooth as a baby’s como se llama. Will let ‘ya know when I need more.

– PJR (NM)

Someone mentioned to me that you were still the master bath mixologist, so I thought I’d Google – so glad to see you’re still in business – your stuff is nicer than Aveda’s. 🙂

– Laura (NM)

thanks for your wonderful shimmer lotion — the best I have ever seen.

– Goldie Garcia (Artist to the Stars)

Hi Martha, I was so sad to miss your closing, but will be happy to be  able to purchase your wonderful line online.

– Judith (NM)

Hey, I love that new cream.  It just feels silky.  Will let you know how it works as time goes by (sounds like a good title for a song).

– Cynthia (NM)

Hey, this is great news! I’d like to order four of your 8 oz. bottles of bubble bath, with your fabulous mix of eucalyptus and mint. And I’d like to try one of your shaving soaps, too. Really glad you’re still in business!

– Tom H. (NM)

I love the gardener’s hand cream!!!!! foot ,leg, face lol

– Maxine (NM)

Yes, we found the tiny gift, dear.  We will use as you direct.  Enjoy, indeed, and we still haven’t found a substitute for your unscented Body Bueno oil.  We also haven’t looked very hard; my little ‘nightmare’ is that you’ll retire and we’ll run out!

– Fred Bolton (NM)

Thank you Martha!
I am so happy I met you and found your products! I have used so many lotions over the years but yours is now my all time favorite!! 🙂

– Kristin (NM)

Martha makes and sells top quality skin care products. She is also has great customer service and responsiveness. Martha is what you would like most business owners to be – a genuinely good person selling genuinely good products.
Like some of the other reviewers, I first purchased products from Martha back in the 80s at her store in the UNM area of ABQ and her products were unique and high quality back then and they still are.

– Gerard Rollins (NM)

Martha is the queen of customer service. I order on line and she followed up with me to make sure I got everything. She went the extra mile and her products are top notch. I still remember her store in Nob Hill. She carries many of the same products , you just order them on line. I recommend this business because Martha cares about her customers.

– Marty McGowan (NM)

I’ve been buying Martha’s moisturizers and oils for over 35 years. Best skin products that I’ve ever found. Orders are always correct and received promptly.

– Curtis Neeld (NM)

I use to shop at their brick and mortar business. I love their handmade perfume oil. My favorite is China Rain. I believe in supporting local businesses.

– Roxann Hudson (NM)

Hello! I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that I love the blend!  It’s not the same, you’re right but it is lovely. I especially like how it changes throughout the day.

Thank you so much!

– Melissa S. (NM)

A fun history – when you had the shop in Nob Hill, my older sister took me there and bought me a bottle of China Rain when I was a teenager. It’s such a special memory! I loved your shop and glad to know you’re still operating!

– Andrea (NM)

Good morning Martha – it was great to meet you on Saturday at the Chocolate & Coffee Fest. Here is the testimonial you asked for regarding your Extreme Hand & Foot Cream:

This product is a must-have for anyone with foot callus issues. This past year I stopped going for my biweekly pedicures because it wasn’t doing anything to resolve the issue with the calluses on my toes. I went to see a podiatrist and he ground down some of the callus material, but it quickly returned. My next step was to book an appointment with my foot doctor. In the interim I received a jar of Martha’s Extreme Hand & Foot Cream and gave it a try to see if it might help me get rid of the callus material at the end of my toes. I used it daily for a month and then gave myself a pedicure and most of the callus material fell off in the foot bath. This cream rejuvenated the tissue under the calluses and I am calluses free for the most part. My toes look better than they ever did after the routine pedicures. I use small amounts of the cream before putting on my socks and it is keeping my toes looking better than ever before. Thanks Martha! Feel free to use this testimonial as you see fit to promote your product.

– John Seabrooks (NM)

👋 Good day all! I love these Amazing all natural hand made locally owned skin care products. I have used the face cream for about 6 years now I love it excellent on wrinkles dehydrated skin dark circles and eye bags. Over the past few years as I have gotten acquainted with Martha, creator of Martha’s Body Bueno 🤗😍 I have found that she is an amazing kind loving knowledgeable woman that has many years of practice and experience in creating her products. I love them check her out give her all natural products a try I’m sure you’ll love them just as much as I do 100% all natural no chemicals no fillers just pure goodness bliss for your body 😇🌱🌹🤗💓

– Emilia Montoya (NM)

Hey Martha, This new squeaky clean pandemic lifestyle is making a wreck of my hands!!  Please send some Extreme Hand Cream, a BIG one!  I remember it was a miracle treatment for me when we came home from the last river trip with major hand damage.  It occurred to me I could be using more “bueno” products for the cleaning too!  What do you recommend for hand washing and hand sanitizer?  Do you have that?  I would love to get 3 4oz pump bottles of a friendly but safe hand soap for each of my sinks and some moisturizing sanitizer if you have any.  Thanks for being there all these years, Martha, it’s good to know I have an old friend to reach out to in these strange times!

– LK (NM)

Thank you for wrapping our body products so well! Everything arrived in pristine condition. With the exception of the sample John brought home, this is the first time I have used your products – and I love them! I’m excited to try everything we bought – and more. Thanks again.

– Tracy Welles (NM)

Hi Martha, I just received my order and I am so grateful that you ship to APOs, and very appreciative of your shipping refund. My German neighbor is a fan of your sage, so know that your products are also loved by the locals here. Thanks again.

– Lisa (Germany)

Hi Martha,

I am loving my gift basket. Everything smells heavenly. And it’s all purple which is my favorite color! I am so excited I won!

– Harriet (NM)

I have to tell you what wonders that oil is working on my hands. Most of my fingers are not sore any more, and they look a lot better, even though they are still peeling. Hallelujah!

Even my heels are looking a little better. I’m off to soak them now after walking my “beat” to get voters today…

– Anne H. (NM)

We’ve been buying the unscented Body Bueno Oil for years.  We tried one or two others, but the Bueno always wins, and it’s perfect without any scent. Allergies aren’t the issue – we find the scent can become rather overpowering.  It also really has great glide as your description says.

– Fred B. (NM)

Thanks so much for your outstanding customer service!

– Troy & Erica (NM)

Best Business That Closed in the Last Year (2009) 

Martha’s Body Bueno

Before anyone else was doing it in Albuquerque, Martha Doster was selling all-natural body care products in the University district. Over the course of three decades, she helped Nob Hill become Nob Hill, all the while asking women to remember to nurture themselves.

– Alibi’s Best of Burque 2008

Martha, I just wanted you to know that I’m glad to see you have a web site. We have used your massage oil for about 25 years and we are almost out of it. Warm regards to you

– Judy (NM)

I submit that you are doing the earth a service – now people all over the country can get your products easily instead of having to go to the one place in town that offered it.

– Tim (NM)

Thanks!  I look forward to seeing you!!! I appreciate your good business.

– Yvonne (NM)

I don’t put anything on my skin that I can’t put in my mouth. That’s why I use Martha’s products!

– Cynthia B. (NM)

Brava, Martha ~ I picked up a few of your products the other day, and I just love them! : )

– Amy (NM)

One woman I work with, who also sings with the local music theatre, says your lotion sparkles stay on longer and much better than the make-up they use in the theatre.

– Chuck (KY)

No problem.  I’ll order it online and have it shipped to my address.  I’ve been using the oil for 30 years and nothing else compares.
Thanks for responding.

– Curtis (NM)

Hi Martha, thank you so much for your quick response to my order.  I used to go into your store years and years ago.  I was up one night and just happened to look on the internet for your store and to my happiness, I found you.

– Martha, RR (NM)

I have been shopping at Martha’s since the 80’s. I loved this place when it was a brick and mortar. I was sad to see them go but glad they are still available online. Martha is just the best and really makes her customers feel great. I have been buying the sent China Rain since the 80’s and absolutely love it, so clean and fresh smelling. I would recommend Martha’s to anyone looking for great scents and fun bath and body stuff. Thanks for the many years of business Martha. Don’t know what I will do when I can’t get my China Rain. 🙂

– Christa Pisto (CO)

I bought my first products from Martha over a decade ago, and her products still to this day are wonderful! Carefully made, certified NM True, and always high quality. They smell delicious and work great! Thank you Martha!

– Lori LeMoine (NM)

I use an oil that Martha had suggested for me try out for dry skin and it works amazing. I have been using it not only on myself but on my 3 year old as well. I absolutely Love the smell of lavender that it has.

– Dianna Guardado (NM)

Martha always goes above and beyond for her customers. Been using her lotions and oils for many years.

– Troy Hamby (NM)

We are so grateful you are still doing this bueno work, Martha!

– Kathleen Y. (NM)

Wow! I feel like I’m speaking with a true New Mexico legend! I’ve been a fan of yours since I was a teenager in the late 20th century – LOL (I fear I just aged the both of us)!

– Marci Romero (NM)

Martha, many thanks for the fast shipment of shaving gel!… Like most men in approaching their 7th decade I have used a number of shaving products over the years… I hope you are much younger than us! I don’t want to outlast you and have to search for another shaving product in this lifetime!

– David H. (SC)

I love your products and even though I left NM 25 years ago (yikes, getting old) I am so happy I can still keep up with my favorites items.

Stay well!

– Sara Levy (MA)

I had the pleasure of meeting you at the 2018 Lavender Fest here in town. This is where I was first introduced to your products and I am very thankful for that. Your body oil is an absolutely everyday essential.

– Stephanie Mendoza (NM)

I love the products by the way, no wonder everyone speaks so highly of them!

– Melanie Aguirre (NM)

We still sing the praises for your unscented body oil and are glad to try more of your skin care products!

– Fred B. (NM)

I can’t believe it took me all these years to try your bubble bath. I take a bath just to relax nearly every night and have never used a product I liked so much.

– Vicki (NM)

Hi Martha, Yes, I received my wonderful oil.  I am wearing it right now, it smells so good.  Thank you for the prompt delivery on my fragrance!!

– Carletta (NM)

I’ve always loved your products.

– Linda (NM)

Hey, Martha – you need to tell everyone that your avocado oil is the best thing ever for dry hair.  I put it on my hair for a few minutes before shampooing – like a pre-wash conditioner.  Burt’s Bees has something similar, but I think the pure avocado oil is even better. You can use the quote.  I looked up avocado oil this morning when I was looking for the Burt’s Bees link, and found  lots of testimonials for its use as a pre-shampoo conditioner.  Seems like it is very good for African American hair – probably any porous, curly or dry hair.   It’s lighter than olive oil, so doesn’t make your hair greasy.

– Phyllis (NM)

Hello Martha,

I received my oils the day after I wrote you my last letter.  I am so very grateful to have received it.  It made me laugh to see that you named it ” Aurora’s Desire “…. how cool is that!  Yes, indeed, it is ” Aurora’s Desire ” and Martha has provided it.  I appreciate it very much.  Thank you. It brings a smile to my face whenever I think about it.  You are so sweet and insightful!  I couldn’t have thought of a better name than that!

– Aurora (NM)

Martha, Your newsletter is really cool…I enjoyed reading it.

– Donna (NM)

I am SOOOOO happy that I can still purchase your products online! When I heard the store in ABQ closed I was worried I would never smell China Musk again!!!

– Mary M. (CA)

…I love your products.

– Gale J. (NM)

It is so lovely to lavish myself with your very pampering and stellar products.  Each day I am full of sparkles that remind me of Martha’s BB!  You are truly a legend in our community.  Keep up the moisturizing work!

– Julie (NM)

I love your products.

– Loralee (AZ)

…But the surprise (to me) was the facial wash and toner. I took it with me on the trip and LOVED it. The wash cleans but doesn’t dry and the toner seems to give a touch of protecting moisture as well. Count me waaaaaay pleased. I usually use Jurlique (Australian) because I figure they know about dryness. Your’s is right up there – Better in my book because it’s local. I’ll be a converter.

Are there any stores in ABQ that sell your body oil? I need it sooner than it will arrive if shipped. Glad to see you are still in business. Love your products.

– Vanessa (NM)

…Also, I used the cedar/lavender bubble bath and it was great.

– Vicki S. (NM)

You have taught us so much about being a woman and enjoying it. What would we do without your quiet, powerful presence. Celebrating the essential essence of you is easy, cause You Rock. You are a woman’s woman!

– Cathy McGill (NM)

…By the way, my wife loves the gardener hand lotion I got at the EXHIB-IT event.

– Duane T. (NM)


I just had to drop a note to say what a pleasure it was to meet you today at the fair. Your shop and products embody everything I have always felt about whole living. Thank you. We love our essential oil roll-ons.    Libby and Ann. 🙂  You will be hearing from us.

– Ann Beecher (NM)

I’m addicted to a lot of your products.  I won’t be at the meeting, but I could give Barbara a check and she could bring the order to work.  The hand cream is great stuff.

– Phyllis Taylor (NM)

You were right about the clay mask … I tried it the following Sunday – fabulous!!

– Patricia Harrison (NM)