Top-of-mind for me is encouraging as many women as possible to  remember to take care of themselves. Among many ways to do this is learning about and using safe and effective skin-care.

We strive to create products that work, that last, and that will only include ingredients that are safe and effective. Cruelty-free, eco-conscious, and recycling, along with natural Ingredients, have been part of my passion since I began Body Bueno in 1975, and it makes me happy to know there are now, finally, so many decent choices for consumers.

Our products are made in small batches with fresh, pure, simple Ingredients for you to enjoy.


Start with good ingredients to deliver high-quality skincare. Create products that are pure and natural, with minimal packaging. Offer them at reasonable prices. Duh!

We not only want to produce high-quality, “clean & green”, skin-care products, we want to promote the myriad reasons to use sustainable and good-for-you ingredients (and packaging). To that end, we show up at events around town, so we can talk with people one-on-one. We don’t just sell products – we explain why you want to  use “the good stuff.”


I opened the Body Bueno storefront not knowing anything about retail or skincare! I had just moved to New Mexico from Key West, Florida, where I was on the beach almost every day. In just 2 months, I went from the Keys to New Mexico, to Alaska, and back to NM. I developed the love of natural skin care when I realized my body was rebelling at the extremities of weather I was inflicting on it! I really needed to find a way to calm my skin, but in 1975 there was  – nothing. Nothing but mis-leading hype, decent ingredients in junk bases, and scary additives – yuk!

I borrowed $1200 from a friend, opened a tiny shop and put mirrors behind the shelves to give the appearance of more product than I had. I believed in what I was doing, and that gave me courage to package my own creations, and to talk to everyone walking through my door. One by one, I got people to understand why natural skin-care is so important. Luckily – as we all know –the best advertising is word-of-mouth, and that with perseverance grew Body Bueno into a popular store. (All the extras we did there is another story!)

It was magical. It was good timing. It was hard work. It was capitalism with a conscience. And I loved it. But 30 years was enough, so I closed the store and moved into e-commerce. And here we are…

Thank you for letting me share what I find or make with you. Every jar or bottle is made and packaged with care the old-fashioned way… from me to you.