Sea Salt Soak – Rose, Lavender, or I Like It Hot!


You can indulge your need  for lounging in warm waters surrounded by the euphoric scent of roses or lose yourself in the relaxing, stress-relieving luxury of lavender, or warm up & detoxify with hot mustard powder – each in an intense base of salts from 5 sources around the world.

All bath salts will detoxify our skin by way of warm water opening pores enough to allow absorption which will cleanse & purify the skin, along with assisting the balance of lymphatic fluids in our bodies. We need the minerals & trace elements inherent in sea salts for proper bodily functioning.

Epsom Salts are solely magnesium – which will  relieve inflammation, pain & muscle cramping – so adding Epsom to various Sea Salts gives an extra boost.

Dead Sea salts contain 21 minerals which occur naturally in us, but need to be replenished regularly, as do the others below.

French Sea salts have up to 80-odd trace elements & minerals

Himalayan Salts improve the tone and appearance of your skin, combat water retention, relieve soreness & helps heal damaged soft tissue.

Great Salt Lake Salts help balance & nourish the skin

Marine Algae Salts contain nutrients found in sea algaes from around the world

Muscle-relaxing & water-softening, try I Like it Hot salts during winter flu season for relief and warming; try Rose and/or Lavender before retiring for the evening with a good book…and a glass of vino…and maybe even your lover…Cleopatra knew its’ captivating effect!





  • Adding salts to warm water establishes equilibrium between the salts in the water and the salts in the body to help retain moisture
  • Minerals inherent in salts from various seas impart the trace elements humans require via warm water
  • Baking Soda acts as a deodorizer and skin softener
  • Powdered Honey helps to retain moisture, softening your skin


  • Contains numerous different minerals and trace elements, including magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, chlorides, bromides, etc from Epsom, Dead Sea, French Sea, Himalaya, Marine Algae, and Utah Flats salts
  • Rose: Dried crushed Rose petals, Rose essential oil, and a small dried Rose-bud if available ( nice presentation!) – aphrodisiac and therefore relaxing
  • Lavender: crushed & sifted Lavender buds (so they won’t clog your drain!), Lavender essential oils – relaxing stress relief
  • I like it Hot!: (not shown yet) Hot Mustard Powder detoxifies & is warming – no scent


For best results, add approximately 2-3 handfuls to your tub of water for a relaxing total-body treatment. Follow with a natural moisturizer.


“Romantic Rose”, OR “Lovely Lavender” , OR “I Like it Hot”

COLOR: White

This Body Bueno product is pre-scented only

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Romantic Rose, Lovely Lavender, I Like It Hot!


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