Gift Crate – Lavender with Slippers


For the person who can’t get enough of everything lavender / purple!

This gift has already been so popular, the first three were sold just by showing people the photo! I need to order more lavender slippers in order to create more baskets. Meanwhile, so you know what’s in it:

  • Shaggy soft lavender-colored slippers
  • Lovely Lavender Sea Salt Soak
  • Lavender-scented Luxury Shower Gel
  • Lavender-colored very dense (long-lasting) net sponge
  • Lavender-colored pumice sponge (not quite as rough as regular pumice)
  • Lavender-scented Body & Massage Oil
  • Lavender/Vanilla Latte Chocolate Bar (extra indulgence – yeah!)
  • …And a little something extra – a sparkly butterfly ornament!
  • All in a re-usable sturdy metal crate with a polished wood base

Please remember if we need to substitute any item, we will do our best to make it fit the theme!

Out of stock