Organic Unrefined 100% Avocado Oil


Two hundred fifty, really, 250 avocados are pressed to make one gallon of oil. It is one of the most penetrating oils known. Excellent emollient and skin softener – Effective in removing eye make-up – Helps to soothe & heal painful skin problems such as eczema/psoriasis and those painful fingertip splits – Aids in preventing/erasing stretch marks.

Quick Tip: One of the most beautifying foods, avocados contain healthy fats and vitamins C and E to keep skin plump, vibrant, and hydrated. Slice one up and keep it handy for an easy snack or meal-booster…

This oil has its own light, unique scent of – you guessed it! – avocado. When used properly – lightly – the scent fades away quickly.

“I have to tell you what wonders that oil is working on my hands. Most of my fingers are not sore any more, and they look a lot better. Even my heels are looking a little better. I’m off to soak them now after walking my “beat” to get voters today…” Anne – Edgewood, NM
“Hey, Martha – you need to tell everyone that your avocado oil is the best thing ever for dry hair.  I put it on my hair for a few minutes before shampooing – like a pre-wash conditioner.  Burt’s Bees has something similar, but I think the pure avocado oil is even better.” Phyllis, ABQ
“…It is very pleasant to use and while it doesn’t eliminate the need for the nasty toxic ointments, it provides a nice break from that and is very soothing. BUT … I have found another use for it that is most remarkable. My lips got so chapped in winter they were like leather and I couldn’t even get a note to come out of my trombone, and it was terrible. …I got to thinking about how the avocado oil felt on my hands, and how it’s these kinds of oils that are recommended for treatment of chapped lips. Anyway … to make a short story long… I tried it and it’s perfect. It restores suppleness, and at the same time seems to encourage the hard dry skin to shed while it keeps the lips from cracking or peeling. When you’re extolling the benefits of Avocado Oil you can add lip care to the list … and you should give a little sample to any brass musicians you know 🙂 ”     Don Lehnhoff, MN




Normal to dry, sensitive, even eczema and psoriasis


  • Extra rich natural vegetable oil can also act as a carrier oil for added essential oils
  • Used sparingly on the fragile skin of eyes & throat, it will eliminate the need for extra steps when removing makeup
  • Helps keep skin smooth and supple
  • Lasts longer than most other moisturizers because so little is needed for maximum effect

KEY INGREDIENTS: it’s 100% pure avocado oil!

         Very high source of natural Vitamin E, which is usually extracted from most processed oils in the “purifying” process

Chlorophyll carries the “life blood” of a plant, and gives this oil its green color; it is actually feeding your skin


  •         Everyday moisturizing – smooth a tiny amount onto finger-tips. Apply lightly to eye areas, face, & neck, more vigorously to dry patches anywhere.
  •        Use for assistance in prevention of, or erasing, stretch marks; unscented for babies; hot oil treatment for hair; and on rough itchy skin anywhere.
  •         If all else fails, put it on your salad!

Use sparingly – it will only feel oily if using too much.



Natural, light scent of avocado, which normally dissipates quickly


Natural dark green

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