Ben Wa Balls – Weighted Metallic


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Take your sexpertise to a new dimension. Designed to make your vaginal muscles stronger and more sensitive, this accessory is also great for experiencing sensations no other toy can give you. Just insert these metal balls into your vagina and clench frequently to hold them in.

Otherwise known as “Orgasm Balls”, this is the classic version of non-tarnishing, nickel-free weighted metal orbs used for pleasurable kegel exercise.These are 50% larger than what is usually on the market, at nearly an inch in diameter. Smooth and seamless, packaged with a pouch to keep them safe & clean.

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Centuries ago, Ben Wa balls were the traditional gift given to a mother at the wedding of her youngest daughter. The theory was, by that time in a woman’s life, the vaginal muscles were slackening, and unable to tightly grip the husband during intercourse. Because everything was about pleasing men in those days, this was a way to strengthen those muscles once again, so he would have his pleasure.

Today, of course, our interest is as much in the orgasmic stimulation of women as it is to please our men, so this exercise technique is still useful as a kegel-type exercise, and pleasurable for women.